Microgames as Intervention for Health Misinformation


  • Lindsay Grace
  • Victoria Orrego Dunleavy
  • Regina Ahn
  • Danny Mayo


health interventions, serious games, misinformation games, educational games


This work outlines a case study in using three microgame interventions to prevent misinformation in a health vulnerable community of Latinos living with HIV. Microgames are small-scale playful experiences designed to serve as 2–5 minute interventions. This work rests at the apex of three research foci, engaging game mechanics, health communication interventions, and information literacy. The research aimed to directly address health disparities exacerbated by COVID misinformation among Latinos living with HIV. Its focus is on a marginalized community for whom the health risks of misinformation and disinformation are particularly important. This case study explains the theories that informed the design and implementation and highlights the findings from end-user examinations. Findings indicate the possibility of narrative microgames as engaging and hint at how games as short as 2.5 minutes can encourage natural, meaningful reflection on misinformation and disinformation among players.





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