Knowledge Representation Schema of the Gameplay


  • Madhuri Sasupilli
  • Prasad Bokil


Gameplay, Game State, Winning State, Competition, Conflict


Gameplay is the term used to define the way the players interact with the game. This paper is to present a schema for gameplay to understand the interactivity and inherent states that exist in the playing of a game. The knowledge representation schema of the gameplay is proposed based on the Function Behaviour Structure (FBS) ontology. This schema shows the significant difference between the gameplays based on conflict and competition type of interactions. The proposed schema focuses on the states involved in the gameplay and the transitions between the states. Some games allow the players to play in the same game world, and some in a separate game world. So, the schema is applied under various scenarios, simultaneous/sequence gameplay, and the game world to understand the interaction between the players and with the game.





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