Gender Differences in Ethical Stances for Playing AR Games: The Case of Pokémon GO


  • Yeonhee Cho
  • Michele Newman
  • Lidia Morris
  • Lane D. Koughan
  • Jason Yip
  • Jin Ha Lee


Pokémon GO, Location-based Augmented Reality Game, Gender Differences, Ethical Perceptions, Game Actions


Gender has been acknowledged as a significant factor in the field of ethics; however a dearth of understanding persists regarding gender ethics specifically within the realm of augmented reality (AR) games. To address this knowledge gap, we conducted a study examining 25 ethically ambiguous situations in Pokémon GO. The survey included 1,304 men and 645 women. Our findings revealed significant differences in the ethical stances and behaviors between men and women. Specifically, men were more inclined to perceive certain game actions as ethical and engage in a greater number of behaviors. Additionally, our study highlighted distinct priorities in ethical values between men and women. Men prioritized competition and the desire to win, whereas women demonstrated greater sensitivity to their surroundings. These results carry important implications for comprehending the impact of gender on the gaming experience, and they can guide the design of more inclusive and ethically mindful AR gaming environments.





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